Integration of Workforce Management in the Contact Center

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The efficient management and planning of the personnel achieve the loyalty of the workers with the company. The integration of Workforce Management in the contact center allows the identification of adequate resources to achieve 37% less absenteeism, which translates into an 18% increase in productivity and management efficiency.

Enghouse Interactive’s Workforce Management and U-WFM allow continuous monitoring and analysis of each employee’s professional capabilities and metrics.  Nearly 50% of contact centers lack adequate resources for workforce optimization. On the other hand, nearly 75% of contact center managers say that a key goal of workforce optimization is to improve the customer experience. This solution has a positive impact on improving metrics such as FCR (First Call Resolution), SRF (Flexibility of Schedule Relationship), and AR (Abandonment Rate), reducing downtime by 65%.

Benefits of integrating a Workforce Management tool

Through the analysis of the work and resources optimal planning is achieved, where main benefits can be obtained as:

  • Increased Productivity.
  • Improvement of processes.
  • Free time for tasks of greater value.
  • Improvement of service levels.

Advantages of integrating Workforce Management in the Contact Center

In a sector such as contact centers, it is essential to guarantee employee and customer satisfaction. The Workforce Management solution for Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center and U-WFM, allows us to have a complete vision and in real-time of the available resources. This achieves a complete balance between the availability of resources and demand for services. Allowing estimates and scheduling the work of all staff in the contact center. 

Based on the above, we can highlight some of the main advantages of integrating a Workforce Management solution in the Contact Center, such as:

  • Efficiency in time.
  • Reduced costs and increased profits.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Possibility of generating indicators to evaluate.
  • Quality service to users with optimized resources.
  • Satisfaction of the workers and loyalty with the company.
  • Optimal management of talent within the company.

If you want to know more about the benefits of integrating a Workforce Management solution into your Contact Center, download the brochure.

If you would like more information about Workforce Management, click here to contact us.

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