Integrate Workforce Management with an Omni Channel Solution

Integrate Workforce Management with an Omni Channel Solution
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Delivering an efficient customer experience requires dimensioning, forecasting and resource allocation in real-time. To know who is available and what their skills are. Achieving the right balance between resources and contact center demand as well as reduce absenteeism levels.

Integrate a workforce management with an Omni Channel contact center solution allows efficient planning and management of personnel. Eliminating manual interventions, which overload and impede the optimal performance of operations. Leading to an increase of productivity levels up to 30% and ensuring employee commitment.

U-WFM and Presence Suite

Integrate U-WFM Workforce Management platform with Presence Suite All-in-One ensures the control and availability of resources with the right skills in real time. Managing their performance in inbound, outbound and blended contact channels. To get the most out of the workforce and support demand peaks with efficient plans.

With this integration, we have 3 key functionalities available to ensure an efficient control and availability of the workforce:

  • Forecast – Analyze call volume history and agent handling times (AHT) to predict future customer trends. Resulting in a more effective time management.

  • Scheduling – Based on forecasts, improve daily activities such as breaks and lunchtimes. Shift optimization reduces overtime, which directly affects staff costs.

  • Adherence – Accurately measure where each agent is spending time. To detect and correct deviations, achieving an efficiency between 5 and 15 minutes per agent per day.

A correct scheduling of the agent tasks will make him handle the appropriate volume of interactions. Avoiding saturation or lack of work. This effectiveness will have an impact on his satisfaction and commitment to offer the best customer service. Contributing to improve service levels.

If you want to know more about the benefits of integrating the U-WFM Workforce Management tool with Presence Suite All-In-One Contact Center Solution, download the brochure.

If you would like more information about Workforce Management, click here to contact us.

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