Improving Customer Experience with Contact Center Software in Gartner Magic Quadrant

Contact Center Software in Gartner´s Magic Quadrant
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In today’s competitive environments, companies must implement efficient contact center solutions to improve their customers’ experience. Tools to make the most of every customer journey contact point and transform it into a growth opportunity.

However, much of this technology has not evolved at the same pace as customer´s needs. It needs to facilitate efficient omnichannel interactions and on digital channels. Nor do they offer intelligent and satisfying self-service options. In addition, they do not enable customer loyalty with excellence in service quality.

Transforming the contact center from a cost center to a growth engine is crucial. That is why it is vital to have innovative solutions highlighted by experts. In order to comply with key business indicators and satisfy customers at first contact. Through the channel they want and at the time and time that suits them. In addition, it should be easy to use to facilitate the task of the contact center’s operational teams.

Effective and reliable omnichannel customer service

One of the main challenges that the digital transformation brings to contact centers is to guarantee attention in all communication channels. However, this is not enough. Here what is important is to maintain the context of the customer journey so that it is satisfying.

Through a tool with a wide ability to execute and recognized in Gartner´s Magic Quadrant. As a result, it will ratify the commitment to deliver technology that conveys confidence to customers. With solutions designed for them and focused on their needs.

For this reason, having an omnichannel contact center software to connect each conversation in an uninterrupted way is vital. Consequently, the customer journey will be one from start to finish and not through disjointed and isolated conversations.

An omnichannel customer service strategy will improve satisfaction levels. Thus, there will be no need to re-ask for information already provided by customers. Regardless of the communication channel used or the amount or order of their interactions.

Transforming processes with artificial intelligence to increase ROI

Among the needs that most concern contact center directors are to improve their portfolio of solutions. With innovative technology that adapts to customer´s needs, transform processes efficiently and increase ROI.

Here the artificial intelligence powered by machine learning plays a determining role. It automates customer service processes with natural self-service that is 100% conversational. In this way, it emulates the experience offered by an agent when the client needs it.

Moreover, it facilitates the extraction of key business data to truly understand customers. It also allows building of profiles about their behaviors and preferences to offer personalized attention and according to their needs.

Customer loyalty with service excellence

Customer loyalty is another of the business indicators sought by contact center managers. To achieve this, call center must guarantee interactions with excellence in service quality.

A technological platform aligned with this premise allows the measurement and improvement of the contact center operation. Both the performance of the workforce and processes through real-time monitoring of the customer experience.

Another key factor in achieving customer loyalty is increasing first contact resolution (FCR). It avoids the repetition of calls or interactions to solve a requirement. Hence, reducing costs by increasing the effectiveness of each contact with the customer.

Optimization of work teams

The operational teams are the heart of the contact center. Therefore, optimizing their work helps the overall performance of the operation to be successful. Here it is vitally important that the tool used is intuitive, easy to administer and monitor.

Additionally, a quick implementation of the technological platform leads to great benefits. One of the most relevant is the production of campaigns in record time.

Similarly, a flexible solution and open architecture will facilitate the work of the operational team. They will need minimum training time on its use and can easily perform integrations. Consequently, they will be able to adapt the tool to the needs of the clients and offer them personalized attention.

Without a doubt, to improve customer experience it is necessary to rely on technology focused on customer´s needs. This will also increase the ROI of the operation, by ensuring their total satisfaction and loyalty. With innovative solutions that inspire confidence and have the prestige of the main consultants in the market. What’s more, they allow for the transformation of the contact center. Taking full advantage of each interaction and boosting corporate growth.

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