AI Solutions: Bots and Virtual Assistants in the Contact Center

Bots and Virtual Assistants in the Contact Center
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Within the business applications of Artificial Intelligence, there is one with biggest potential. The integration of Bots and Virtual Assistants in the Contact Center.

These solutions enable you to automate the customer journey and provide omni channel interactions to:

  • Optimize Customer Experience by taking advantage of the synergy between human and bot
  • Customize systems, enabling tailor-made offerings in accordance with their needs.
  • Automate Omni channel interactions, allowing agents to prioritize their tasks and increase their productivity.

Presence Social Interactions is the first tool for contact center that officially connects with Whatsapp. Which also integrates with the most popular social networks and digital channels.

It has a powerful engine for progressive natural language understanding. As a result, it is able to identify not only keywords, as the vast majority of bots, but also intentions. Moreover, it endows with cognitive and continuous learning capabilities. Hence, it allows to get to know the customer and anticipate its needs.

We invite you to watch a short demo of this too, customizable for each sector and specific needs.

If you would like to receive more information about our AI solutions, please contact us.

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