How to increase ROI with contact center chatbots?

How to incresae ROI with contact center chatbots
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Contact centers must evolve at the pace set by digital transformation and the expectations of their customers and users. They demand attention whenever and wherever they choose, mainly on digital channels and at any time of day or night. These demands can become a great opportunity for companies thanks to the use of contact center chatbots.

The reality today is that most chatbots solutions are inefficient and not designed to offer an optimized customer journey. Their interactions are neither natural nor omnichannel and their self-service flows are deficient. As a result, companies that implemented a chatbot for customer service are not getting ROI. Thus generating dissatisfaction, so the opportunity becomes inefficient.

To take full advantage of the opportunities that chatbot contact center provide, it is necessary to rely on the knowledge of companies that not only offer the most innovative technology, but also understand business processes in the contact center. As well as the correct implementation of automations, that generate maximum customer satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence at the contact center with natural and efficient interactions

For the implementation of artificial intelligence tools in the contact center to be successful, they must offer natural interactions. For this, it is crucial to have a powerful natural language understanding engine (NLP). This way, the chatbot will be able to identify intentions (and not just keywords) and really understand customers’ needs. Avoiding frustrated customers because chatbot does not understand their requirement. In addition, increasing their use and therefore their ROI.

An advanced NLP engine will also make it easier for chatbot to constantly learn from previously managed interactions. They will be able to relate behavioral patterns, understand customers, and create profiles as they navigate and interact through digital channels. As a result, chatbot will anticipate future customer needs. Offering discounts, new products or improvement of a service already purchased. Facilitating the possibilities of Up Selling and Cross Selling.

According to IBM, using chatbots in the contact center frees agents and answers 80% of routine questions. Allowing them to engage in more complex and challenging tasks that add greater value to the customer experience.

Omnichannel approach to optimize the customer journey

An omnichannel customer journey is essential for the contact center to offer excellence in customer service. Yet few companies are able to implement tools and processes to deliver a true omnichannel experience. A truly optimized chatbot not only automates interactions intelligently, it does so in context.

Thus, if escalation to an agent is necessary, it will receive all the information about the interactions between user and company. Using artificial intelligence tools, they can even receive instructions on how to optimize service. Alerting them if they are saying something wrong and correcting it on the run.

A chatbot solution also allows integration with third-party applications to streamline transactions securely in any channel. Through data authentication with facial, fingerprint and voice biometrics. In this way, self-service processes such as scheduling medical appointments and payments take place in an agile manner.

Intelligent and satisfactory self-service

When automating tasks in the contact center using chatbots, it is vital that customer service is simple and satisfying. Here it is key to design customer attention flows to meet customer´s needs. According to Chatbot Magazine, chatbots in the contact center can reduce customer service costs by 30%, thanks to these customized automations.

Artificial intelligence is the heart of chatbots. They build its knowledge base upon it in order to resolve customer requests. A chatbot solution should have a simple configurator of these responses. This will ensure that all customer interaction processes are efficient and meet customer needs. Moreover, it will set the learning bases for this technology and mark the future of the contact center.

In short, any company that wants to implement chatbots to achieve an increase in ROI and lay the foundations for the innovations that await us must have the support of technological allies, who are also knowledgeable about business processes in contact centers.

Discover how a chatbot tool will allow you to optimize your ROI and improve your customer experience in a personalized way

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