How to create an omnichannel strategy in the Contact Center?

omnichannel strategy in the contact center
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To be able to integrate a really satisfactory and efficient omnichannel strategy in the Contact Center, adding channels to the process is not enough.

It is important to overcome the idea that an omnichannel strategy is more than adding channels to contact center processes. However, there are still companies that continue to fall into this error.

The use of more channels without a studied and tested strategy will not produce the expected benefits. Moreover, it can become a cause of dissatisfaction for users.

So what is the right way to create an omnichannel strategy in the Contact Center?

Preliminary analysis

Before offering Contact Center clients an omnichannel solution, it is necessary to analyze in detail the Contact Center’s capabilities in this respect. You must take into account the resources you have.

At the technological level: What capabilities does your contact center software have. If it is integrated, or can integrate, with other social media management tools, chatbot or WhatsApp.

On a human level: Are the agents and supervisors of your Contact Center trained to manage this type of campaigns?

Planning and customization

It is not the same to configure an omnichannel journey for a collections process, than for ecommerce or support. It is necessary to perform new analysis for each of the processes in which you want to implement this strategy.

The contact center is an almost inexhaustible source of information about the preferences and habits of users. It is necessary to isolate this information and apply it to each specific case. Additionally, do not only take into account the preferences of users or clients. Also, consider the particular conditions of your contact center. You must know how to guide the user throughout the customer journey. Hence, they can easily find a solution to their needs, following a path previously established by you.

Automation and self-service

According to Jeff Bezos, the best customer service process is the one that does not require human intervention.

Most users prefer to solve their problems immediately without having to interact with a human. The integration of chatbots in any of the channels enabled for customer service is key to respond to this preference. Chatbots can solve simple and usual tasks 24/7. It is essential to integrate them as one more channel, since it is the way to maintain the context. In case an agent should intervene in some interaction.

Control and measurement

Since they rely on self-management and automation, it is essential that the contact center processes be under control. You must know at all times what happens in the processes you manage in the contact center. In consequence, you are able to detect inefficiencies or opportunities for improvement.

A quality tool that offers this control will help you take the contact center strategy to another level. As well as to extract reports and establish improvement plans. Especially if this tool has the possibility of applying corrections or suggestions in real time.

We have summarized this guide in an infographic

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