Case Study: Get Telework For Contact Center Operators

Telecommuting from home
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In light of the situation created by the COVID-19 virus, Admiral Seguros (Insurance company) had to find a solution not only to accommodate their 270 Contact Centre staff but also to maintain business continuity with their customers. To achieve this, Admiral Seguros needed to create an infrastructure in order to maintain its activity and continue offering to clients the same service with the same quality.

To speed up the process, the company relied on Enghouse Interactive’s Presence Suite Contact Center technology and Amazon Workspace.

Not only did Admiral Seguros accomplish its goal, but did so in record time and agents were given the right tools to work remotely. They managed to disassociate their tasks from a physical location while providing the same level of service to their customers, and in addition to this, keeping their staff and their families safe, preventing the spread of the virus!
Apart from this main objective, it also obtained side benefits:
  • A backup solution to avoid loss of information during the migration process by using technology it already had, and therefore, making it easier to maintain all its business layers.
  • Absolute security for its clients and their data in all voice communications, Virtual Desktop Interface; and corporate information.
  • Efficient Team management through the standardization of Desktops.

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