BI tool for Contact Center, the key of smart decisions

A BI tool for Contact Center is key to analyze data and make the right decisions in seconds and generate new business opportunities.
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The transformation to the contact center of the future relies on a combination of 3 elements: Human Intelligence, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence. The business Intelligence Tool is used in the Contact Center to analyze data and is able to facilitate decision making, and can go so far as to make predictions on the impact of certain actions carried out. Business Intelligence has evolved and compliments both human and artificial Intelligence.

Data analysis to understand our customer better

There is an ongoing demand to know more about intelligent solutions that allow you to really know your user. This data can assist in not only aligning Strategy but also in achieving it!

When obtaining a more exact profile of your users, a better service is delivered by knowing the user’s buying behaviors. This indefinitely creates an increased user experience and ongoing loyalty.

Solutions such as Presence Suite, allows you to have valuable information for business intelligence. Make the best decisions for your operation, infrastructure and customer!

Some benefits to adding the Business Intelligence Tool (BI) to your operation are:

  • Visual organization of all the relevant data of Contact Center services.
  • Simple monitoring of agents and different types of KPI’s.
  • Intelligent organization of interaction queues or incoming calls.
  • Continuous optimization of processes.
  • Organized and error-free delivery of large amounts of data.
  • Reduction in operating costs up to 60%.

Data intelligence, the future of the contact center

The Contact Center of the future provides data intelligence to make informed business decisions. Streamlining processes and boosting productivity undoubtedly increases profitability for any organization. Great value is seen where agents are able to anticipate customer demands through accurate analysis of their behaviors and this, in turn, increases the completion ratio and agent productivity by 80%.

BI will not only solve incidents but also analyze them in detail, linking them to a broader strategy and even predict user needs. Identifying potential problems and solving them quickly is key to service excellence. BI puts you in the client’s position, allowing you to identify the problems that matter most to them.

Do you want to know how a BI tool for Contact Center helps you make the right decisions in seconds and generate new business opportunities?


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