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Contact Center trends
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Contact Center trends
It is a fact that we are moving from personalized relationships to impersonal ones. Technology has allowed us to interact with more people in a more impersonal manner. E-mails, SMS, chat allows us to communicate with anybody and any company anytime and anywhere. This is not only true in business environments but also in our personal life, younger generations communicate through instant messages platforms or social media, and we see more and more people connected to their smart phones distant from the real things happening around them.

This new way of communication has allowed us to be more agile, solve things sooner and be more productive. In fact we have seen that Communication trends, specifically within the Contact Center, have been given more and more weight to these channels as the preferred communication methods of customers with companies.

But, if we analyze closely these trends, we can see that voice has remained being the main communication channel, at least by most generations. Why? In my opinion, even though you might feel lazy on making a phone call to speak to someone about a problem, deep down you know it is the fastest way to solve something or get an immediate answer (provided that the agents picking the phone are properly trained). For other “issues” you can send an e-mail or chat via web, but they usually not require an immediate action. Also, these impersonal relationship don´t allow us to trust entirely the company, to sometimes delay decisions and to end up calling the call center to finally purchase the product or service, and depending on the “feeling” the customer might or might not finalize the purchase.

In fact, even though younger generations are very comfortable communicating through the website, e-mail, etc, the voice channel and one-to-one conversations still take place, we use voice and even video, not only in our personal life but also professionally. We use video and voice in our business meetings and even client´s presentations and we are beginning to see a trend in the use of video as an interaction channel in the call center.

In my opinion, this not only responds to the client´s preferences to see  the company their doing business with, but it´s adoption within the call center might benefit the company by providing a more trustworthy relationship and maybe speeding up the purchasing time.

What is your opinion is video chat in the call center here to stay? Does this trend respond to customer preferences or to Company´s interests?

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