Automated Outbound Dialing Puts Companies “In Touch”

Automated Outbound Dialing Puts Companies “In Touch”
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In spite of the recent rise in popularity of web portals and other self-service options, most businesses today rely on contact centers as the heart of any effort to cut through the clutter and reach target audiences effectively. In fact, voice communications are still widely recognized as the best way to reach select individuals for event opt-in, lead qualification, debt collection, human resources (HR) issues, and even customer surveys. 
 Automated Outbound Dialing Puts Companies “In Touch”

However, manual calling practices are slow, inefficient, and not well-matched to the speed at which businesses must operate to meet consumer demand.  Therefore, automated outbound dialing solutions are a critical component for companies attempting to reach more customers, increase business-user control, and streamline operational costs.

Reach more customers

Companies today need technology solutions for outbound campaigns that not only deliver better productivity results for existing campaigns, but also enable the rapid launch of new ones. With integrated back-end systems and databases in real-time, outbound dialing solutions have access to critical information to make decisions based on rules derived from historical trend analysis. The intuitive nature of the best outbound dialers means the solutions actually learn from patterns captured in ad-hoc reports created during peak calling periods within any given campaign. So, not only does the outbound dialer adapt proactively to available dial slots by market segment, time zone and geography, but supervisors can better define and adjust the automated outbound dialing parameters and agent actions to improve the right contact rate.

Increased business-user control

Modern outbound dialing solutions use intuitive interfaces to put control at the hands of the business user without the need to involve IT resources.  This means less downtime spent waiting for critical workflow changes to be made, new campaigns to be launched, and scripts to be altered.  Supervisors have the ability to create rules, more intelligently route calls, and tailor campaigns based on skillset or specific requirements.  As a result, contact centers can be more responsive to the needs of a campaign and supervisors are empowered to configure changes on-the-fly.

Streamline operational costs

Automating the outbound dialing process improves overall contact center efficiency and streamlines operational costs in the process. This includes minimizing telephony charges because outbound dialing solutions ensure fewer wrong numbers are dialed, and less time is wasted on busy signals, answering machines or other “no answer” options.   Additionally, companies are able to minimize the costs associated with human errors and latencies while reducing nuisance parameters, such as multiple contacts to a single customer and lag time prior to call connection, both of which negatively impact the effectiveness of campaigns.
Don’t get left behind

Many studies show a contact center’s adoption of automated dialing solutions can increase the number of outbound calls significantly, some say by up to 400 percent over the same timeframe for manual dialing campaigns. Automation can have an immediate impact on the effective execution of any company’s proactive outbound campaigns, and consequently on the company’s ability to achieve strategic business results. Automated outbound dialing solutions help companies achieve maximum productivity in every campaign, while reducing overall operating costs.

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