Artificial Intelligence to improve ROI in the contact center

Artificial Intelligence to improve RO
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The digital age has transformed the relationship of businesses with users and customers. They expect immediate response and in their preferred interaction channel. It is even more and more frequent, the user who prefers to solve their needs without human intervention. The best way to respond to this transformation is automation. If we also want to add value, it is essential to use artificial intelligence tools to improve ROI in the contact center.

It is necessary to establish a correct strategy to optimize customer service processes with this technology. Creating a suitable mix between what needs automation with artificial intelligence, and what needs the agent´s intervention.

Successfully combining artificial intelligence and human intervention

There is no exact formula for determining how many interactions need automation with artificial intelligence. This depends on the specific needs of each company and business.

Chatbots are ideal for automating repetitive, high-volume tasks. Allowing contact center agents to focus on managing higher value-added and more complex conversations. Hence increasing contact center productivity and customer satisfaction.

Designing a customer service strategy for each bot

To ensure that automation with bots is excellent, it is imperative to dedicate them to specific tasks. Hence, preventing dissatisfaction during the customer journey.

Bots are configurable to automate tasks such as scheduling appointments, reminders or bill payments. In addition, in order to provide information to frequently asked questions. Moreover, bots can assist contact center agents in real time to optimize their work.

Artificial intelligence to improve BPO processes in a personalized way

The heart of the bots is their natural language understanding engine (NLU). It allows communication between the machine and the person. As a result, the more powerful the NLU engine, the more cognitive abilities the chatbot will have.

To provide a truly personalized experience, chatbots must allow natural and conversational interactions. In other words, let your NLU engine identify real intentions and not just keywords. Thus, the customer will not only not notice the difference between service provided by a bot or an agent. Moreover, it will increase the chances that the interaction turns out satisfactory by offering attention according to their needs.

Artificial intelligence allows companies to connect with their clients 24x7x365, without the need for human intervention. Contact centers need to establish optimized strategies to get the most out of the use of this technology. Designing strategies for each type of bot and personalizing each interaction. Moreover, maintaining a proper balance between machines and people, to achieve greater satisfaction and increased ROI.

Do you want to know how artificial intelligence helps you maximize the ROI of your contact center? Contact us!

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