AI & automation tools in the contact center

AI & Automation Tools in the Contact Center
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BPOs face important challenges that needs solving with AI & automation tools in the contact center. To increase the efficiency in the contact with clients and leads, offering an omnichannel experience, in which self-service and personalized attention coexist. In addition to offering a quality service after which users are satisfied.

Moving the contact center to the cloud can facilitate the adoption of solutions to the challenges exposed. This model allows flexibility, scalability and availability. All this in order to adapt to the dynamism of the market, meet the needs of customers or users and improve the customer journey.

At Enghouse Interactive, we develop cutting-edge BPO solutions focused on helping our clients to overcome the challenges exposed and turn them into opportunities to improve their business.

Increase in productivity and effectivity of BPOs

Automating customer contact using a predictive dialer is crucial for the contact center. It increases the productivity of outbound calls between 200% and 300%.

The efficiency of outbound campaigns also improves. By preventing the agent from spending time manually dialing records. Identifying busy tones, no answer and answering machines and sending the agent only contacts ready to interact.

This way, the system dials more calls in less time with a greater chance of resulting in effective contacts. Moreover, driven by artificial intelligence, it not only automates the dialing process. It does it efficiently. It allows analyzing information stored in contact center databases and in your CRM.

Data about average times of interaction with customers and times of day more suitable to try a contact. Artificial intelligence automatically extracts this information and executes strategies to predict when to send a call to the agent. This also results in more satisfied customers.

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Customization of automatic interactions

Customers demand personalized service tailored to their needs. Even more so when it comes to self-managing their requirements without the need for human intervention.

Communications Portal achieves exactly this. It allows developing self-service applications based on voice and integrate them with other communication channels.

Because of this, it not only offers self-service through inbound voice calls. It also customizes the service for outbound interactions, SMS messages and email. Guaranteeing an omnichannel experience and in a bidirectional way with the clients of the call center.

The tool enhances its capabilities with artificial intelligence. Transcending from conventional voice recognition to modern natural language understanding. Thus, it emulates the same experience offered by an agent while the client solves its requirement in its own terms. Without feeling judged by a real contact center agent.

Download the Communications Portal brochure and find out how it personalizes your customer experience.

Humanization of self-service

In addition to demanding self-service tailored to the customer’s needs, they also request natural interactions. A conventional chatbot works like a visual IVR, it only responds through graphical interfaces. Only recognizes keywords.

In contrast, Presence Social Interactions offers self-service through chatbots with 100% conversational interactions. With the novelty of being the first contact center tool officially connected to WhatsApp. It also integrates with the main social networks and digital channels.

Presence Social Interactions uses a powerful progressive NLU (natural language understanding) engine. It identifies intentions and not just keywords, increasing your cognitive capabilities and improving the customer experience.

Its artificial intelligence constantly learns as it interacts with and gets to know customers. In this way, they can anticipate future needs based on the automatic study and analysis of this information.

This humanization of self-service also makes it possible to maintain the context of interactions. If the client requests escalation from an agent, the agent will receive the conversation with all the previous information. Therefore, the customer journey will be totally omnichannel and more likely to be satisfactory.

Download the Presence Social Interactions brochure and find out how to naturally automate your customer service.

Improvement of quality of customer attention

For BPOs, it is extremely important to have tools that optimize their operation. However, in order to do this, it is necessary to measure everything that happens in the call center.

Relying on quality management tools, such as Quality Management Suite. This solution allows an efficiently automation of measurement and improvement of the contact center. Focused on offering high quality standards in the customer experience.

The tool facilitates the collection and analysis of this data automatically. Real time and historical level. Through customized reports that allow identifying and evaluating the performance of processes and agents.

By monitoring and listening to interactions in real time, the solution allows identifying problems as they occur. In order to alert supervisors and call center agents to take corrective action on the run.

It also has a functionality to measure and evaluate the performance of agents and use this information for training. Artificial intelligence enhances this tool with voice analysis and recognition.

Identifying in an automatic way when the agent does not follow the script to the letter. Also recognizing changes in the tone of the client’s voice, which can mean that they are ready to abandon the interaction.

Download the Quality Management Suite brochure and learn how to improve the quality of your customer service.

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