A Customer Centric Contact Center

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One of the great challenges faced by contact centers today is to guarantee and maintain, as part of continuous improvement, the quality of service they offer and the CX of their customers. The key to success in this type of company is linked to customer satisfaction, since without it, it is difficult to generate the expected customer loyalty.

The market is changing towards the customer era

Between 82% and 68% of customers say they would stop doing business with a company after poor customer service. On the other hand, 85% of people would pay up to 25% more for great customer experience. Additionally, 70% of customers say they are likely to switch brands if agents are unable to answer their questions. Finally, 62% of customers have re-branded in the last year due to poor customer service.

With this data in mind, we can quickly conclude that the customer experience is now one of the strategic priorities for 92% of companies. This is due to increasingly competitive markets and to the high level of customer behavior and demands. Even surpassing the price and the product as a key differentiator of the brand.

How does the importance of Customer Experience influence the Contact Center?

With the emergence of multiple points of contact, Shops, Call Centres, Social Media, Email, Mobile App and Web services, major challenges arise:

  • Offering customers the best channel of interaction to meet their needs.
  • Automating processes to achieve maximum efficiency of customer time and increase First Call Resolution rates.
  • Process automation to achieve the optimal combination between agent interaction and self-service.
  • Agile approach to quickly adapt to new market trends.
  • Measure customer experience effectively.
  • Scalability to meet unexpected business needs.
  • Build a trusting relationship with the customer, thanks to the collaboration during the Customer Journey.
  • Anticipating customer needs and proactively proposing solutions.
  • Leverage and integrate Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence into the Contact Center ecosystem.

How does Enghouse Interactive allow customers to focus on the customer?

ALL-IN-ONE Omnichannel Solution

  • Customers can access the contact center in any of the available channels (Social media, Webrtc, Voice, Email, Chat, etc.).
  • Customers can decide to switch from one channel to another at their convenience.
  • Each customer always reaches the best and most appropriate agent at any time.
  • Improved customer loyalty by hiring the same agent throughout the Customer Life Cycle.
  • Each customer interaction is captured in one place helping the company to identify customer behaviors and preferences.
  • The customer can choose to use the Unmanaged Services to resolve their queries at any time without human interaction if desired.

Customer Experience Measurement

  • End-to-end reporting helps the company optimize future customer interactions based on historical interactions.
  • Identify loyal customers and opportunities for improvement.
  • Quality and Assurance help the company train and validate that the company’s values are reflected in every interaction.
  • Customer surveys provide the ability to further improve NPS.

Agile and Scalable

  • The flexible solution allows the business to adapt the contact center to the customer or market needs in record time.


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